Medium Fleur’s Online Intuition Series

Hone your intuition – from Home!

Over the course of five weeks, you will be guided through a series of videos, meditations, exercises and assessments that I’ve developed for anyone, from beginners to advanced students, to learn and develop your inner intuitive and spiritual awareness as follows:

  • Identify your way of receiving intuitive information
  • See the color of your aura and how to view others’
  • Connect with the Spirit World
  • Cleanse your Spirit Body – stop feeling energetically drained
  • Learn to trust your intuition
  • Communicate with your Spirit Guides and Loved Ones

The course can be taken at your own pace over five weeks time, and there are a variety of message boards available as a participant that will allow you to ask questions and find classmates to connect with if you want extra practice. Fleur will be answering your questions on the message boards as well, just as she does during her in-person courses.

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